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Abandonment Issues

I lost 2 people who I thought were true friends in the last few weeks…painful. It triggered my abandonment issues all the way back to my dad, reinforcing my fear of relationships and bringing back in that fear of being abandoned by the ones I love💔

It makes me isolate myself which is kind of contradictory as I crave for connection. I tend to want to distance myself in order to protect myself from not to getting hurt again.

As I grow older and keep working on myself, I understand that these are just false beliefs from my childhood that I’ve carried on into my adult life. I also know that they are deeply rooted in my subconscious and take time to dissipate😒

It’s important to be aware of our false beliefs and reflect in order to create new positive ones so here is my new empowering belief that will conquer the old one that no longer works for me🙅🏻‍♀️. As I continuously ground myself in the present, I remind myself that losing people is ok & is a normal part of the human experience. I’ve replaced it with my new belief that actually makes everything make sense…

These people were never meant to stay in my life and that this is God’s way of making sure I stay on track and have the right people around me🙂 , hence removing what doesn’t belong & clearing out the way to ensure I have a clear pathway to reach my true purpose😁.

When I look at it this way, it all makes sense and I have no problem with the process. It makes it much easier for me to not people please to my own detriment and instead I say…anyone that doesn’t stand with me and disrespects my truth should just get out my way cause I have so much to do in this lifetime and no time to lose👋

What about you?

What false beliefs do you carry around that have been holding you down?

And what new belief can you replace them with to help you along the way?

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