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Addiction Free!!!

The government wants us to be numb so that we stay complacent and not fight back😵‍💫

That’s why they left all the liquor stores🥃 & weed stores open, that’s why they are starting to legalize heroine & cocaine😳 & why they are happy with the 40% increase in anti-anxiety & anti-depressant meds💊…the more disconnected we are from ourselves, the better for their agenda🙄

I can see why most of us are falling for it too😩, we live in a very messed up system & need to disconnect at all cost in order to be able to function in it😥

Before the plandemic, I was in the best place of my life…completely sober & loved that I was able to stand in all of my truth & had reconnected with my authentic self😎. But things completely changed once the lockdowns began….I saw my mental health deteriorated quickly😞 & needed to find some sort of relief from the continuous fight or flight response my body was going through🥴…so I started smoking weed obsessively once again…hiding from the truth🤷🏻‍♀️

The problem with that is, it made me tired🥱, I ate unhealthy foods🍫🍦🍪 & gained weight😑 but what was worse is that it numbed me😵 & made me passive to what was happening & I wasn’t fighting as hard as I was born to do☹️. I fought to stop. It wasn’t easy but, if you remember my post from January, I was able to downgrade to taking some oil only once or twice a day instead of smoking & being high every second of the day🫣…but that numbed me too & I knew that I would be at my best only once I was completely off any drugs & completely able to face my truth✊

Well, I’m proud to say I’ve done it😏…I stopped hiding from reality since July 6th & I have to say that I’m super happy about it.🤗. Things are super clear, I know exactly what I need to do & I have so much strength💪 & energy💫 to see it through👉👉👉

Onto Lighting Up Dark Corners & creating the new healthcare paradigm that will empower & uplift all of my favourite people🔥🔥🔥which is all of you❤️…😘😘😘

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