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Be Successful This Year By Doing This

Updated: Jan 3

Want to be successful this year?🤔…this is how I do it😁

The week before the New Year is usually a great time to get this done because most of us are on holiday🤷🏻‍♀️

First I print out a Wheel of Life like in the 1st picture ( you can just Google it and find it in the images). It usually has 10 categories: Health & Fitness🍎, Career & Work💼, Money & Finances💰, Spirituality💫, Personal Growth & Learning📚, Partner & Love❤️, Family & Friends🤗, Community🤲, Environment🏡 & Fun & Recreation😎. I like this one because it has numbers from 1 to 10 for each category.

Once you’ve printed it out, colour in up to the number where you think you are at for each category. You can have fun with this, let your inner child get creative🎨!!!

Once you have done this part, go more in details with each category by writing down on a separate piece of paper; where you are at right now, the pros and cons of what you are presently doing, where you would like to be & then write down your plan on how you will do this✍️

You can look at mine to get an idea of how it is done. Once I have completed doing this, I hang them on my office wall. If you don’t have an office, you can hang them on your fridge or in your room, it can be anywhere, just make sure it’s somewhere where you will see it often…

And voilà…you are now well on your way to getting to where you want to be. All you have to do after that is make sure that you follow through😉

Oh! And if you do get this done, I’d love to know your thoughts about the exercise, if it was helpful or not and whatever else you want to share. Feel free to send me your work when it’s done, I would absolutely love to see it👀

Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉

Cheers to freedom🥂… & may we all primarily stay healthy and succeed in everything we have been brought on this earth to achieve💫

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