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Born For This

“I’m a product of the system I was born to destroy”

When I first spoke out & my world was turned upside down, I was so upset & disturbed by what was going on around me. As I complained, my eldest told me, “isn’t this what you always wanted?” I was shocked , how can she think that of me? I was so offended by her comment but then I realized she was right, it’s just not how I had always pictured it in my head.

As a kid I was a little humanitarian at heart, playing save the world with my cousin, bringing bananas to the homeless guy at the corner. One day we were going to make the world a better place. I’ve also always been attracted to apocalyptic movies. I fantasizes about being the heroes I watched on TV.

As I got sober in 2018, I had to open my eyes again to how corrupt & unfair our world really was. I couldn’t hide behind alcohol & drugs anymore. I saw darkness everywhere…BUT I could see a flicker of light. Everyone was asleep, not realizing how messed up things really were. As always, I felt like an alien.

I had no idea I had been in training all my life & that I was about to become what I fantasizes of being…It’s nothing like I had envisioned it but it’s absolutely what was needed. A huge shift in consciousness doesn’t come without massive growing pains.

As I reflect on this, I ask myself, did I manifest this or was I chosen, born and built for this?

I think it’s both, when I look back at my life, there’s no way that all the events adding up to who I’ve become are a coincidence but I also understand that things could have been different if I had not reconnected with my true self.

If you think your thoughts don’t create your reality think again. Manifestation is definitely a real thing & anyone who puts their thoughts towards a goal can absolutely overcome & accomplish anything & that includes YOU so please, make sure your thoughts are aligned with who you truly are so that you can live to your full potential & be a part of creating the world you truly want to see.

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