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Boxing For My Inner Teenager

I’ve wanted to be a boxer🥊 ever since I was a teenager. It might have been because I use to get into fights on the streets a lot😓, many were bullies trying to bully others😡. I couldn’t just stand by so I would open my big mouth and ripe the repercussions🤷🏻‍♀️...some were just jerks who couldn’t stand that I wasn’t scared of them🙄 & if I’m to be completely honest, sometimes it was just me being too drunk😵‍💫 &/or letting my ego take over & just plainly looking for trouble thinking I was on top of the world😫.

But I wasn’t…lol…I was actually a really bad fighter😂, most of the fights I won was because of how confident I was in the face of adversity, I even tried to fight 15 guys who had just robbed a store once because they had thrown a can that almost hit my head😳...I’m not good at backing down even when it’s very clear I should…I even got knocked out cold once🥴.

I use to fantasize about being a pro boxer🏆 and knocking them all out😆 but I never got a chance to start boxing. I got pregnant and got married at 18 & then I became a single mom and couldn’t afford😒

Now, the universe has brought me and Teresa Rego, co owner of HUF Gym together🤗 and we’re running my HEAL program coupled with boxing classes🔥🔥🔥 so I finally got into it…& I’m really not that great at it, ha! ha!😅. I’m slow, have no balance and am totally uncoordinated😑. I hate doing things I’m not good at😝 and usually want to avoid it, but not this time…so I got a personal coach and am really getting into it…but I love it all❤️, the punching and releasing stress, learning all the techniques and especially the part where I’m seeing my progress😁

I love a good challenge❤️... So I’m going to stick to it👍 & I’m going to get really good at it😏. One thing about me, when I have a goal in mind, I don’t stop until I reach it✊

It’s never too late to try something new to please & reconnect with the younger version of you. This one is for my inner teenager (Sarah Blunt). As you can see by this post, she’s already so ecstatic about learning how to defend herself & get into real shape as this is something she needed &!that I still really want to do😊

What about you, do you do any activities to have fun, play and fulfill your inner child or inner teenager?🤔If not, I really suggest that you do, it will help you to reconnect & build trust with the younger version of you who still resides inside of you, which will also help you reconnect with the true you💫

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