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This was an interesting book...

Mostly geared for healthcare workers to bring attention to the disconnection between trauma and disease in the medical industry.

The book is written by a psychiatrist who talks about how important it is and how the medical industry is flawed due to professionals not being trauma-informed and how this has a huge impact on the quality of care given.

In this book, He was able to show the effects of this by telling the story of one of his clients, Isaac, who has been severely effected by the adversity he faced as a child and how this has effected his health and also the medical care he has gotten throughout the years.

Robert, the psychiatrist, comes up with a plan to show how all healthcare workers should know whether their clients have ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Events) in order to better understand them, their disease process & their difficulties with accessing care…which in return would significantly improve the quality of care

I recommend this book to anyone working on planning to work in healthcare

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