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Daydreaming To Manifesting

I am definitely a dreamer…

Daydreaming is a great way to escape reality👋 & I’ve been doing it a lot all of my life 💭.

As a child, I daydreamed that my parents never fought & loved each other🥰, I dreamed of my mom being well but mostly I dreamed about a better world for all of humanity🤗

I also often fantasized about saving the world🌍 & people loving me for it😁. A better world would make me so happy & being seen as a hero🤩 would show others & myself that I was enough & worthy of love…I know, that’s not how it works🤷🏻‍♀️ but try to tell my inner child that😩…work in progress 👍

I’m still a big dreamer as an adult but these days I’ve kind of learned how to take it a step further & turn it into reality through manifestation😏

I’m learning a lot about how it really has to be aligned with my soul or it doesn’t work & I’ve also noticed that if I’m doing something that is in disalignement with myself then everything else in my life is affected & negative manifestations can then occur due to fear, anxiety & insecurities.

I’m definitely nowhere near being a master at this point but I can honestly say that I’m slowly getting the hang of it & actually enjoy practicing it. It comes natural to me because as I said I’m a day dreamer🙃

Right now, I’m working VERY HARD😅on manifesting the capacity to collect a quarter million dollars & winning in this court case in order to uncensor all nurses🤐 & bring public awareness to the corruption👺.

It may almost seem impossible to do but I know that, with God on my side,  I have the power to make anything I put my mind on to happen….I believe in myself & my capacity to make things happen

People often ask me, how on earth did I become so empowered & how can they do it too. It all starts with a dream, what do you dream of being? What is your dream life like? …If you don’t know, then you better start thinking 🤔. Get excited about your life, there is nothing that you put your mind to that you can’t accomplish🤷🏻‍♀️…challenge yourself😉

Become the light that you were created to be

Ready? …Set👉…Dream😌

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