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Death Wish

Updated: Feb 6

TBT to 2000 in Montreal

I use to take so many risks with my life, it’s as if I didn’t care whether I lived or I died. Some people say that I must of had a death wish☠️

I use to drink & drive all the time after drinking a full bottle of Tanqueray🥃racing Porsche’s on the highway with my mother’s Neon not remembering a thing the next day😳. I drove so drunk all the time, often blacking out having no idea how I had driven home

I put myself in dangerous situations constantly fighting against gangs who could have easily shot me😵. I once spat in the face of a known murderer who was threatening to gang rape me with his buddies & then shoot me…I wasn’t scared to die & had way too much pride to back down from any threats

Trauma can sometimes gives you a death wish…

it wasn’t until I started doing my healing work & started loving myself that I also started to really want to live, not merely exist but live a meaningful purposeful life so I transcended my pain into gains for myself and others💪

When you heal, you give yourself the permission to feel joy. Even bettter if you can transcend your pain and turn it into a service to humanity, it might even make all the trauma you had to go through worth it. The feeling of being able to help others after you’ve e dealt with all the pain is extremely powerful💫

I could have died dozens of times with all the risks I took. I guess me dying young wasn’t God’s Plan🤔. Who knew I would one day become a part of his army?😮I sure would have never believed it if I was told that back then

If you are going through it & feel the way I use to, know that there is nothing wrong with you, this world🌏 is all wrong therefore it’s normal to want to escape it🤷🏻‍♀️

What you need to do is face your biggest fear which is start looking at the real you👀, face the painful truth that is your life & start healing yourself

Something I’ve learned about myself & people who have suicidal thoughts or tendencies is that we don’t really want to die, we just want for the pain to stop😓.Our society doesn’t give us the tools & knowledge we need to overcome our pain so we have to find ways to overcome it ourselves.

Throughout the years I’ve learned how to do that & I’ve created a program that can help you😃…it’s called HEAL, if you’re ready to change your life and go from merely surviving to living message me &let me empower to just do that✊

I guarantee you that if you do this work, you will become anything you put your mind to, you can become more powerful & inspirational then the people who inspire you the most🔥🔥🔥

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