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Divorce & It’s Effect

#tbt to 1986 in Cancun, Mexico 🇲🇽 :

My parents had decided to take one last vacation to save their marriage. It obviously failed, my dad spent a big part of the vacation in the hotel room talking to his girlfriend😩

I was 8 when my parents got seperated, although they had been fighting all of my life, I was shocked by the event😕

I wasn’t even informed that it was happening, my mom sent me on a camping trip🏕 with her friend & her kids. I knew something was off though & was restless on the trip, so much so that we left a day or 2 early as my anxiety could not be tamed.

We drove back & arrived to a new place which I was told was where I now resided…I did one week at my moms & one week at my dads alternating this way for years. On top of it my dad, who was my primary caregiver had his new girlfriend & her son move in & totally shifted from being attentive to having no time for me😔

Nobody knew how much the event had affected me🫠, I changed after that, I went from being the kindest easiest kid to becoming a trouble maker. I started having signs of OCD & was obsessively terrified of dying for over a year, I couldn’t focus on anything else. Also, The divorce taught me that even your own parents can choose someone else over you🤮

Our society has normalized divorce. Canada 🇨🇦 has a 40% divorce rate which is devastatingly high. Can you imagine how this is affecting our communities?😓

I believe that the reason for this failure is due to the fact that nobody teaches us to study & know ourselves therefore how on earth are we supposed to find a compatible partner?🤔

How do we know what we need & what we love if we are not synchronized with our authenticity?…we don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

Due to this disconnection, we bring our negative patterns & false beliefs into our relationships & believe that the problem is with the other person🤯

Im not even sure if humans were meant to be monogamous for life honestly but if we are, we aren’t doing it right.

Make sure to know yourself before getting romantically involved with another, you will save yourself a lot of pain & grief😉. And make sure to constantly be working on yourself & your growth + ensure that the person you choose is willing to do the same…that way, the relationship doesn’t only have a chance of surviving but it also has the potential of thriving💫

If you are interested in reconnecting with your true self, ask me about my 10 week support group HEAL program. It will empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to start your healing journey❤️🩹

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