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Emotions For Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

For most survivors of childhood trauma, emotions are extremely overwhelming🥵. Many of us were not thought how or even allowed to have them. Expressing emotions could have been detrimental to our wellbeing due to parents who never knew how to deal with their own😓. We had to learn to live around their emotional mess to protect them, to ensure we stayed loved and cared for and sometimes even to stay safe and survive….suppressing emotions is a survival skill for us💪

It comes to no surprise then, that we are petrified of feeling any of them, the unknown is always scary😱

That was me, that’s why I use to drown myself in alcohol🥃 & lose myself in constantly smoking weed😵💫….hiding from any real emotion like hiding from the plague

Then I got help & started learning about them. I thought that once I felt, I would never be able to not feel them & would be in intense pain forever. I, like many who experienced childhood trauma, didn’t have the vocabulary to explain them…I had no idea what I was feeling & how to label it therefore couldn’t communicate effectively with others to make myself understood, it was soooo frustrating😤

I quickly realized that my ignorance was playing a big role in my fear of them so I started to slowly read & learn about them. I slowly let myself feel & go through them. It took some time, it’s been years & as the people around me know, I still struggle with understanding them but then who doesn’t?🤷🏻‍♀️

I know I still have a long way to go as I’ve buried some of them very very deep in my being but I am starting to see much better & I have a lot more clarity around what I am feeling & how to get through it😃.

Through self discovery, I’ve found coping strategies that work for me & I love the learning process & how feeling reconnects me to my true authentic self…I now know who I am😏

Emotions are scary but once you get to understand them & know yourself, it’s one of the best feelings on earth. All that pain & tension stuck in your body gets released & you can finally breathe😌

It’s time…give yourself the gift🎁 of allowing yourself to feel & let your soul free🕊so that your light can shine✨

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