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Faith Over Fear

I haven’t really been myself lately, I feel kind of out of it, like I’ve lost my passion of creating the new world that I wish to see😔

There are many aspects of why that may be, fighting the College of Nurses is definitely one of the things draining me of my good energy😩. Sometimes I wonder, what the hell am I doing going up against these corrupt organizations with unlimited money🤑? They’re trying to break me through the defamation suit and nursing discipline, they want to make sure I end up with nothing…as if losing my career, reputation, my house and safety wasn’t enough🙄

Then I wonder, who do I think I am to defeat them?🤔

I don’t know🤷🏻‍♀️…all I know is the 2 main things I’ve learned throughout my healing journey❤️‍🩹is to always follow my intuition and always stand in my truth✊. And it may be God, the universe or the divine, whatever you want to call it, is telling me to go for it all the way. Don’t back down, move forward, faith over fear💫

So here I am, fighting the good fight that I’m tired of fighting but that I will fight to the end. Scared, having no idea how I’m ever going to pay these court costs, experts and lawyer fees that may be coming my way😳. What’s going to happen? What are they going to do to me? Am I crazy? What am I doing? Constantly back and forth between doubting myself😣 & remember who the fuck I am😏

Those who know me know how I struggle with anxiety😨, the last few years have been no exception to that but there’s something I’ve learned and am getting much better at doing and that”s putting FAITH🌟 OVER FEAR😱

I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I know that I will😉. I will get through this, probably making it look easy as I do and will be proud once it’s done😎. I can already see and feel myself being victorious no matter what happens and I know I have the capacity to adapt & overcome any challenges that are thrown at me💪

Court starts back on April 10th🙄….I’m exhausted, I need a break so before I continue bringing the ethics back into healthcare, I’m going to take a vacation☀️…with all 3 of my girls🤗10 days, leaving on Tuesday for Mexico👋…can’t wait🥳

…And I’m just going to trust that everything is happening for me🙏 &  not against me…& let God do its thing🧘🏻‍♀️ knowing that I did everything that was right and that I have the truth & his power on my side🔥🔥🔥

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