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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…

Updated: Feb 6

This book📕 offers a great Script where you can take a negative emotion☹that you are feeling and replace it with a positive one😄. It gives you an extensive list of all positive emotions to transform each negative one into✨

Ex: if you are feeling abandoned, you would probably need to feel cherished, precious, upheld or cared for instead. All you have to do is plug in the emotion you are feeling into the Script with the one you want to feel to release the bad one. Although I am big on figuring out what the true cause of a feeling is, this exercise can be done without knowing and can relieve a persons feelings in the immediate present👇👇👇

If done often, it’s like programming yourself to eventually automatically replace that feeling with a good one, it also does the same with thoughts & false beliefs that you may carry on through life.👍👍👍

The purpose is to change you on a subconscious level so that you can then change your circumstances. It’s a great tool🔧 to help you transform your brain 🧠 through neuroplasticity. It literally gives you a script for pretty much everything you may feel think and believe😮

This book even has a list of illnesses with all the feelings that are usually connected to them so that you can use those feelings in the Script. It’s actually pretty cool😍

I do recommend this book to anybody who feels that this is an interesting concept. Especially if you have pain or an illness you can’t figure out🤕. Go ahead, get the book and try it out. You have nothing lose, except maybe for 30$🤷🏻‍♀️

I must let you all know though that this tool may not work for an atheist. You must believe in some form of God or higher power💫 to use the Script as you are asking for help from something divine which knows all🙏. Also, even though the author is clearly very accepting of everyone’s different beliefs, she is obviously a Christian and has a few scriptures in the book…just in case that would turn you off😉

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