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Flipping Your False Beliefs

Something very important to look at when entering the healing journey is your false core beliefs, what negative stories about yourself did you pick up as a child & let run your life today?🤔

My 2 main false core beliefs are “I am not enough” & “I am not important”. These 2 on their own have been detrimental to my wellbeing & have driven me down a path to hell😓….until I decided to get rid of them👋.

I have to admit, it hasn’t been easy & on some days, they still completely control me🥴 but it has been getting exponentially better✨

How do I do it you ask? I sit myself down & write all the things that make me believe that I have no worth…& then I flip it around by finding all the reasons why it isn’t true😁

For example:

The core false belief that I am not enough is rooted in other limiting beliefs which are that:

👉I am fundamental flawed because I am not like other girls & I don’t fit into society

👉I was left behind by society because I was invisible🫥 & neglected by so many as a child (teachers, doctors, police officers). I was also “abandoned” & even despised by some family & friends.

👉My parents didn’t take care of me as they should have, my mom didn’t want me & my dad abandoned me when he found another woman.

👉I am unworthy of love💔, my ex husband didn’t love me &I’ve never really been & can’t seem to find a man to be in a loving relationship with😩

Now the trick is to look at those false limiting beliefs & mindfully flip them to new empowering ones

Here I go…


👉I am one of a kind, I think outside the box & don’t follow social norms😏

👉I am a leader, I spoke out against crimes being committed against humanity when most didn’t dare to & I am empowering others to HEAL & RISE

👉I am of service to humanity🙏, I am creating a whole new & true healthcare paradigm

👉I am a beloved mother, my kids need, love & cherish me❤

👉I am worthy of love, I just haven’t found somebody worthy of me yet🤷🏻‍♀️

See what I did there?👀. I turned the negative into a positive💫. It’s incredible what you can do by switching from running on automatic to being mindful🤔…& the best part is, you can do this too. Go ahead, give it a try😀

If you want to go from survicing to thriving, ask me about my HEAL and RISE programs. They are geared to give you the tools & knowledge needed to not only empower you to start your healing journey but also to find your true purpose and passion and share them with the world🤗

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