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Free Speech In Medicine Conference

This past weekend , I had the privilege to speak at the Free Speech in Medicine Conference amongst some of the bravest and most ethical physicians out there🤗

We got to meet…

👉 Chris Milburn , who has 22 years of experience & two and a half years as Cape Breton’s head of Emergency…he spoke up and was fired + is the organizer of the conference

👉 Award-winning investigative journalist and interviewer Trish Wood

👉 Dr. Francis Christian, a surgery professor at the University of Saskatchewan, he’s known for having recorded his firing where the committee said that he was mentally ill and a danger to his students…he’s such a sweet soul and also an outstanding poet

👉 Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, public health policy expert…and best of all, one of the three Authors of The Great Barrington Declaration

👉 And we even got to meet a celebrity actor…lol…& we had no idea who he was until we left…Eion Bailey

A blind doctor even dedicated a song to me🥰…such a memorable week end….I’m so grateful for everything life has brought my way🙌

And the best part is, they think we’re awesome too😏

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