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Guess What!!!

Written on January 11th, 2022

Guess what!!!

All your prayers & positive energy really paid off...

My real estate agent was amazing & went out of his way to get me what I wanted. I got a second chance at getting the house I wanted the most, got to meet with the landlord & it’s done.

The house is stunning…lol…maybe even a little too high class for me but I absolutely love it. Trees in the back & in the front with a beautiful garden & you guys should see the washroom in my room…it’s like a spa + it has a fire place for Kristen to have fun with when she comes over.

Last night, when I went to get the keys I met with the landlord once again & right before we were leaving he says “nice article in the CBC news today”…he totally admires our integrity and stands with us even though he doesn’t necessarily have the same beliefs. I’m so pleased with them, they have such a great energy!

Moving day is on Thursday, all the utilities have been transferred…now all I have to do is finish packing & clean up this place.

Thanks again everyone!!! Many of you even offered me a place, I’m so grateful

You guys have no idea how much all your support helps me as we all navigate through these challenging times


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