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I Ain’t Scared of No Gangster

#Tbt to 1996

I never joined a gang, I was always more of a lone wolf, but I was no stranger to them & was also never intimidated by them or at least I never showed it

I remember one time when I took on a gang of at least 20 who had just robbed a store. They threw a can at me which grazed my head🤨. I calmly picked up the can, walked up to them & asked them which idiot had thrown it…they laughed & proceeded to jump me, I took a few of them down🤕 before the cops were called and I ran off👋

Another time, I had this convicted murderer & his crew threatening me with a gun, talking about how they were going to gang rape me & dispose of my body😳. I spate in his face & told him he was a disgrace🖕, cops were called again🚓, thank God😅

All that to say, I don’t know how to back down, even back then I was ready to die for my beliefs, what’s right & for the truth. My street name wasn’t “Pride” for nothing🤷🏻‍♀️

I didn’t know it back then but that was just training. Public Health, the Government & the elite👺…they’re the real gangsters. They are disguised as the establishment like the CNO, all the loaded🤑 ones we don’t see who get millions killed & end up with medals🏅 while we rot in jail for trying to survive😡.

Thugs on the streets think they’re gangsters but really they’re just a cork in the screw helping the agenda move forward by keeping people stuck in victimhood, killing themselves & remaining lost souls all their lives😓.

These days I take it upon myself to go against the real gangsters💪. I ain’t scared of them & I think they should know, I don’t bow down even to the biggest bullies🙅🏻‍♀️

I may not be a great fighter but the thing about me is that you can knock me down as much as you want🥊, I ain’t staying down, I ALWAYS get back up✊. The only way to keep me down would be to kill me & trust me that would not be an easy task.

Just thought I would drop this here👇to ensure these corrupt government & regulatory bodies know…I will never EVER back down from doing what is right no matter how intimidating the opposition is. I have God’s armour on & I’m at the front of his army😏want to shut me up?…proceed at your own risk🤷🏻‍♀️

#gangster #fear

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