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I Identified as A Boy

#tbt to Montreal around 1985

What would they have done to me if I was a kid today?😱

Due to being sexually abused, I identified as a boy until the age of maybe 12.  Everyone at the park knew me as Peter & if my mom called me up for dinner calling me Sarah…I wouldn’t budge🤷🏻‍♀️. I wouldn’t wear a dress even if my life depended on it. I swore I had a penis, when my mom would tell me she couldn’t see it, I would just brush her off &  tell her it was just really small😩

Puberty was brutal, I was so ashamed of my body & what was happening to it🫣. I could no longer deny being a girl even though I tried. I remember trying to tie down my breasts with a bandana & swore my period wasn’t coming from the front & wanted to see a doctor to make it stop😓

I would have been the perfect candidate for transitioning. I would have definitely done it & there was nothing my parents could have said to stop me, I would have belonged to my then beloved medical industry😳

I’m sure most of you already know how devastating that would have been to my future. How would I have healed?🤔 It would have been so much harder due to being so much further from my authentic self.

I would have never reconnected to my true self, would have never stood in my truth hence would not have been empowered🫠. I would have never become the strong women I am today💪 so I would never have had the courage to whistleblow🗣 & the boldness needed to be one of the first nurses to speak against the harms of the lockdowns✊.

That’s what they want, they want us weak, they want us in victim mode so that we can submit to their enslavement🤮. That’s the plan, to keep us sick mentally & physically so that we can’t fight back😡

So grateful for the path I was given🙌, I truly feel blessed & I’m going to make sure that I use this blessing to help others understand that there is no such thing as being born in the wrong body & then show them the way to heal & love themselves as they are🤗

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