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Keeping It Real

I love the truth & everything real, I work hard to stand in truth 100% of the time. It’s not always easy & sometimes I lie or do things I’m ashamed of🫣 but it’s rare, most of the time I’m all about truth.

I often get complimented on how genuine I feel to others. I’ve been told that my vulnerability & rawness makes people feel safe to also be themselves😀.

Keeping it real, has kind of become my theme. I can’t stand how the whole world is fake these days, everything is a freaking lie🤯.But what I hate the most is fake people & they’re freaking everywhere!!!😓

Many don’t understand it though & my realness makes them uncomfortable, especially if it makes them feel bad about themselves in a way. Some get insulted and mad, some take advantage of it & others don’t see the value in it…I try not to let those things faze me, I already know from experience that it’s not easy being real in a fake world🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s sad how disconnected from our souls💫 & true essence we have become. Our loss of connection with ourselves, our communities & nature🌳have created egocentric systems which are so harmful to our wellbeing….we need to heal & be more soul✨ based🧘🏻‍♀️

To heal, we must reconnect to our true self & to maintain that connection we must ALWAYS live in truth & be real to ourselves & others🤲…that’s how we fix the mess that we’re in.

For people to live in their truth, they have to take accountability for their wrongs, mend them & then try as hard as possible to stay aligned with their true self & keep it as real as possible from there. Be patient, it takes a lot of practice, especially if you’ve been lying to yourself your whole life like many of us do😅

One thing is for sure, I’ve been living life at it’s fullest since I started standing in my truth😏. It’s a life of purpose with many highs & lows🎢 & plenty of growth opportunity & a rise in consciousness😌. I love it here!!❤️

I Definitely won’t die with the pain of regret, what a journey spreading truth has come to be😅. Honestly though , it’s the best way to live, hard to do at first but oh! so empowering ✊

Try it😉

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