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Lighting Up Dark Corner's Canadian Tour

Lighting Up Dark Corners is hitting the road this August with Nordia German, our Canadian Frontline Nurses Quebec lead, and will be coming to a city near you :)

I will be offering my free workshop “Healing From Childhood Trauma 101” in Barrie, North Bay, Sault-Ste- Marie, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Calgary, Vancouver, Langley, Kelowna and Cranbrook.

I’m so excited to drive across the country and empower survivors of childhood trauma by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to get started on their healing journey. This workshop is already super successful and will empower so many, I can’t wait to share it with the whole world!!!

We are so grateful for all the organizers and people who have volunteered to accommodate us as we travel across the country. We are still looking for places to stay in North Bay, Calgary and all of BC and would be very grateful if some of you would help us with that.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in person,

it’s going to be epic!!!

Can't wait :)

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