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Live A Life that Matters

Can’t believe I wrote this 6 years ago…& I’m so proud to say that I have definitely been living by those words, have you?

"If you were to die today, would you be satisfied with what you accomplished while living? Would you be frankly able to say that you had lived YOUR life, and not the life that your parents or spouse have chosen for you? Could you say you have Iived to the fullest with clear intentions?

Would you have truly loved the people that are so dear to you as you wished to do? Would your passing on this earth even mattered? Or would you have spend your time worrying and having anxiety over minor things?

It is essential to Iive everyday as if it was your last day, as tomorrow is not promised for any of us. We have a choice to make, do we rather have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?

Don't procrastinate and postpone what you can accomplish today, tomorrow is a dream killer, tomorrow never comes. As Robin Sharma stated " Make your life matter. Be of use, serve as many people as possible. This is how each of us can shift from ordinary into the extraordinary and walk amongst the best who ever lived".

So inspiring!!!! that is the secret to live a fulfilled life and when you do, death no longer wins over you."

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