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Look what we found😍🥰😍

Sadé found a tiny little baby rabbit🐇 stranded on the sidewalk on her walk today😮

She called me in a panic not knowing what to do…my inner child got excited & ran to the rescue with some water & a blanket😆. I guess it can also be the nurse in me or a combination of both🤷🏻‍♀️

The baby bunny was very weak & was hardly moving🙁, it looked like it might have been a few days old. I was tempted to bring it home & shelter it until it gets stronger but it looked so young, I doubt that it will survive without it’s mother + I was told that rabbits usually come back for their babies so we hid it in the shade on some leaves so that it’s more comfortable & that other animals don’t prey on it…really hope the mom comes back🤞I think I’ll go back & check on it later🤔

But the whole thing brought me back down memory lane…I’ve always been so passionate about catching, saving, studying animals I found outside.

I remember catching all sorts of insects🐌 & keeping them in a jar with holes at the top seeing for how long I can keep them alive.

Once I found frog eggs🐸 & tried to see them hatch but unfortunately my aunt flushed them down the toilet as she was tired of having them in the sink😆.

When I lived on Tybee Island🏝, I’d bring back so many creatures from the ocean & it’s surroundings; crabs 🦀 , turtles ,fish, lizards, sometimes even small snakes😳

It’s sad that we become adults & often lose that connection with the animal kingdom🐘…animals are super therapeutic, I know my cats play a big role in keeping me grounded when I’m at home🧘🏻‍♀️

All this to say, I believe that we are way too disconnected from nature in general & we really need to come back to it & spend as much time as possible in it. Everything on earth is connected , animals bring us life force whether it be through us consuming them or living with them…I believe it plays a big role in our overall wellbeing.

My inner child really enjoyed “hopefully saving” this little fellow & I am grateful🙏 for all the good memories it brought back from my childhood😌

Do you recollect doing the same kind of thing as a kid? If so, what’s your best memory?

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