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Love The Body You’re In

I hated my body all my life…

Due to the sexual abuse, I wanted to be a boy & was stuck in a girls body😓

I ate my emotions so I was always somewhat chubby. I’ve been fighting with my weight all my life☹️…gaining so much excess weight and then losing it super fast…I lost a 100 lbs in less than 8 months when I had my first daughter. I have so much loose skin which brings me so much shame🫣

I also had 3 kids so my breasts are saggy & I have so many stretch marks😫. My big hips & butt have always embarrassed me & made it hard to hide that I was in fact a women. They make me feel vulnerable and I truly hate the unsolicited attention they attract🙄

At this point in my life, I don’t really care what anybody thinks but I’m working on what I think of myself & being comfortable in my body no matter what shape it’s in. I gotta admit, it’s not always easy🤷🏻‍♀️

But then I remind myself that we’ve been conditioned to be this way🤔. The system wants us to hate ourselves & I refuse to be influenced by any of their evil agendas👺. I’m not saying I no longer struggle with any of these things cause I would be straight up lying 🤥 but I’m working hard to redirect & give myself love when the self hateful thoughts come up.

I’m now at peace with the fact that I am woman🙏, I accept & love myself just as I am❤️…I’ve learned to embrace my femininity even though it can sometimes be awkward to do so😅

When the false beliefs come up, I remind myself that my body is so freaking strong💪 & I’m so proud of it for so many reasons…

👉It overcame so much & has never let me down. All the physical abuse just made it more resistant instead of weaker🦾

👉all the self abuse with alcohol🥃, drugs & food🍫 may have caused fibromyalgia but as soon as I started taking better care of it, it bounced right back & became stronger then ever🔥

👉I was blessed with a strong resilient body that seems to have the capacity to handle an incredible amount of stress without giving in….I’m so grateful for that gift🙌

👉I also remind myself that all its flaws & scars are proof that I’m alive and have lived a full life✊

Our bodies are absolutely amazing & so powerful💥, we need to learn to trust & love them🥰

More power to all of us & loving the skin we are in & caring for our bodies no matter which shape they are in😘

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