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Love The Shape You Are In

Updated: Mar 14

My ex use to tell me that it would make it ok for him to look and cheat on me with other girls if I was out of shape😳

It brought so much stresss onto me…I once lost 100lbs in 8 months after giving birth to Latoya . I had gained 70 lbs during that pregnancy 🤰🏻

Instead of praising me for having his baby (I was 18) and how awesome my body was for having created a human being, he made me feel flawed, ugly, ashamed and unworthy🥺

I worked out excessively and hardly ate…it was so unhealthy 👎

When I think back at this, I just shake my head…why did I let such a wicked man make me feel like I was less than garbage?🤔…I was young and he played with my wounds to oppress me in so many wicked ways leading me further down the dark tunnel of trauma🤕

We live and we learn🤷🏻‍♀️…if that was today, he would have been immediately kicked to the curb👋

I know my worth no matter what weight I’m at…I just wish young girls were empowered to believe this too instead of the superficial unnatural picture of ourselves that society expects from us🙄

There is so much beauty in being your natural self, don’t let anybody put their toxic beliefs into your head🙅🏻‍♀️…work on yourself and watch👀 the right and authentic people be attracted to the real you✨

That is so much more powerful then trying to impress someone who doesn’t even love themselves😉

We need to learn to stop letting others take away our power from us

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