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Meet Peter, does he look familiar?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

#tbt Meet Peter Does he look familiar? He should cause that’s me I was one of those kids who had gender dysphoria, I wasn’t just a tomboy, I literally believed that I was a real boy My mom had to call me Peter when calling me in for dinner from the park or I wouldn’t come.

My parents didn’t know it at the time but this disconnection with myself stemmed from the sexual abuse I had been through as a child. I learnt very young that wearing a dress meant for easy access & strongly believed that being a girl was a weakness & made me vulnerable…so I dissociated & became what I thought was safest.

If I would have been a kid today, I would have definitely been in the transgender category and would have absolutely opted for getting my breast removed & put on all these toxic meds. I know today that that would have been sooooooo detrimental to my mental health & I have no idea how on earth I could have went about with my healing. Many have been through this and once they realize what they’ve done & how the system has used them, many think that the only option of is to kill themselves.

Do you see the problem here? We are being told that as parents, we can’t stop our kids from transitioning or they can be taken from us because we become a threat to their livelihood yet the real threat is the transitioning, it doesn’t solve anything, just creates more trauma. We cannot heal by disconnecting from ourselves even more, the true healing happens when we go back to the root cause of our problems and reconnect to our true authentic self….that’s what these kids need…not to be misguided, drugged & mutilated…that’s the opposite of being well I know for a fact that this movement is an attack on our children & their future. It fits the agenda perfectly, destroys families, ensures sterilization therefore population control & gives the industry a client on so many pills for life.

Did you know that it is now illegal to help these children reconnect and figure out what the problem is, even if they want the help? Literally, the government of Canada has made this a law & people trying to help these kids can be thrown into jail for doing so…does that make any sense to all of you?

The WEF has openly stated that in the near future we will own nothing & be happy, I hope you all realize this isn’t just about material things, they are talking about our kids & slowly but surely, it’s coming to life, we parents are losing our rights to our own children. Are we going to stand by and let this happen? I know I’m not and even though I’m censored, I won’t stop bringing awareness to this because I know first hand how sick & distorted this agenda really is.

Enough is enough!

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