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Mom vs The Government

I’m really sad today, I just dropped off my eldest daughter at the airport, she’s on her way to Guatemala. I’ve been holding back my tears all week, mostly I’ve been numb and dissociated, I didn’t want to lose it on her and negatively affect our relationship but now it’s all coming out.

I did everything in my power to stop her from taking the jab but in the end , she took it…coerced because she wants to travel, she’s been a globe trotter since she turned 18.

I feel defeated & devastated…

I did everything I could to protect my kids from any type of abuse. Her dad use to beat us. When I left, I told myself that no one would ever be able to abuse us again. I’ve been single since I left in 2008, wouldn’t bring a man in the house to ensure my home was a happy home with zero abuse. It’s been a difficult road as a single mother of 3 but I have no regrets, proud of how well I did actually.

Now this, I feel so betrayed…she seems to trust the government more than she trusts me. I sacrificed & lost pretty much everything for the cause yet she still chose to give in even though I told her it wasn’t worth it. I feel abused by the government already and now he comes in and she believes them over me…so painful.

I’m grieving her health and her soul I guess or maybe the life she is choosing instead of the one she was supposed to live?, her trust, our bond? I’m not even sure what I’m grieving but it’s sooooo intense. I’m so angry, I did everything for my kids to have a great life yet the government can just come in and take it all away.

Thank God, I’ve learnt to channel my anger and turn it into one of my biggest powers. This in no way will deter me from fighting for our freedoms, if anything it’s making me stronger and even more dedicated to the revolution.

I can not be broken, I’ve been broken many times before & I’ve picked up all my pieces and put them back together even better than what they were before I was shattered. I am now even more fierce and undestructible than I was before.

So I share my pain with all of you because it’s therapeutic to me and tell myself that this too shall pass and we will overcome.

The journey continues…

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