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Nature and the Human Soul By Bill Plotkin

I think that this may be the most important book I have ever read🔥🔥🔥highly, highly recommended ✨

I absolutely freaking LOVE this book!!!!

EVERY SINGLE ADULT should read this book, especially before having kids🙏. I might just go as far as calling it the bible of the cycle of life. It’s a blueprint to raising soulful kids in an egocentric world…a guide to redirecting our society from egocentric to soul centric🧘🏻‍♀️

This jewel explains how a human’s life has 8 phases and how to get through every milestone of life as healthy & connected to our true selves and the earth as possible😀. It shows how critical it is to humanities well being that we have people of every cycle to ensure humanity thrives & next generations continue to evolve in harmony with nature

It also explains what is happening in the world we live in now and how most people stay stuck in adolescence and never make it to adulthood, even less become an elder☹️

I’m proud to see that I have just entered adulthood about 4 years ago and went through the cocoon phase and am now living as a soul apprentice in the wellspring (you’ll learn all about those in the book obviously)😁…so exciting to see that even though I started out so messed up, I’ve done a lot of work and am now on the right track.

There is not a single soul on earth that wouldn’t benefit from this book📚…& the more people read it & understand how disconnected we’ve become and how to reconnect, the better humanity will be so I don’t say it lightly when I say…


Thanks for the recommendation 🙏

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