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Not Alone

Standing in truth can be such a lonely path, it seems as the deeper you stand in it, the more you realize how scarce truly real people really are😓

Speaking against the narrative has made it clear that many, if not most, rather stick their heads in the sand & act like nothing is wrong…even worse, demonize those who speak out against it😫

But when you are truly looking from authenticity within yourself, it gets a lot lonelier than that. You start realizing that even the people who see through the matrix can easily still be hiding from their own truth. This mostly refers to loved ones💔 who feel threatened by the truth & fact that they are completely disconnected from themselves🫠…their egos, who were created to protect them, comes in & tries to bring you down at all cost😳

My mother has decided to go down the path of reading my posts & responded last night defensively showing how she still is so lost in her fantasy world that she feels the need to protect herself instead of being a mother & seeing that the last thing her daughter needs is her insecurities spilling over onto me as it has all my life😤

I’ve also been desperate to connect lately especially with a man. In my desperation, I fell & let myself go even though I knew the man wasn’t available🫣. I’m so ashamed of this but I’m also human🤷🏻‍♀️….it has reenacted my wounds & has fed my abandonnent issues causing so much pain & sending me down even further the path of loneliness….

I feel so sick this morning as my court case begins🤮, a case where I am being totally gaslight & punished for being real in a fake world. It brings me back to my court case with my ex where he tried to bring me down as I struggled trying to stay above water taking care of my 3 young kids on my own

As I feel sooo alone, I have to remind myself that feeling alone is also a pattern in my life…yes, I am quite alone…BUT I need to remind myself that being alone is the story I tell myself in my head & that in reality I am surrounded & uplifted by soooo many💫. People all over the world are with me, I’ve made friends & new family that I know love me🥰I also have an army of people who have passed on who are uplift me✊

I am not alone…& I am so grateful that you are all with me

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