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Note to self: Why I love Myself

Dear Sarah,

I love you just because you are…

You don’t have to do any work or change anything to gain my love. You are enough and you matter just the way you are.

That being said, there are so many reasons and things that I love so much about you, here are some of them...

I love how brave you are and how you have the courage to face your biggest fears no matter what the consequences are. You do what you believe to be right, even if it means that you may lose everything❤️

You believe in yourself and your capacity to adapt, survive and overcome anything life throws at you. I love this aspect of you. You’ve learned to trust in yourself, you have come such a long way❤️

I love you for being so passionate about looking into your darkness and learning from it and how you shed light onto it which gives you the capacity to grow and become wiser…and even better, you then help others do the same therefore making the world a better place

I love you for being a leader and being the light that so many other need. I love that you are willing to show others the way and never lost hope in humanity even though you have lived to see so much of its shadow❤️

I will always be here for you no matter how much you mess up. I love that you are FAR from perfect and make mistakes….you need to do these mistakes because that’s how you get to learn

Know that even if you lost all these things that I love so much about you today, and that you became a completely different person, I would still love you the same way

You are and always have been enough…you belong here

I love you❤️

Signed: Your soul

PS: take “The Why I Love Myself Challenge”…write yourself a love letter and tag all the people you love who would benefit…love is the answer…share…share…share

Thanks Paul Leendertse for the he awesome exercise

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