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On Purpose

#TBT to 2013 when I got my first pin

Would you believe me if I told you I was recruited into WFG ( World Financial Group) & became a Marketing Director in the financial industry?😳 The same industry lead by the same people trying to enslave us…I know, crazy to think that I was building them up🤯long story🤷🏻‍♀️

But the reason why I bring it up is because even though it was definitely not aligned with me…the 3 years I spent building my brokerage were critical to the leader I became & the business I am building today😀

I put my blood, sweat & tears into it & learned so much. Things were getting pretty hopeless before I joined. I worked 60es/ week, was a single mom of 3 & was dragged in court by my ex who wouldn’t pay child support & was fraudulently asking for spousal support😡…needless to say, joining gave me hope & helped me in so many ways🙏

At first when I left though, I thought I had wasted 3 years but actually I learned so much. I now know what it takes to run a business😏. That’s where I found my passion for reading & read so many books📚 mostly on topics like leadership & personal growth. That’s also when I found out that the people with the most messed up pasts have the potential to become the strongest leaders💪

I learned about rejection & built immunity against the fear of it, I practiced my public speaking🎤 &. created trainings, I learned about the different ways to create income & how patience & consistency are mandatory & best of all,  I learned how to build people🔥🔥🔥

All those skills have come to good use since I spoke out🗣. I know what it takes to lead but even better they are critical to me building Lighting Up Dark Corners so that I not only survive personally but also build residual income for myself & leave a legacy behind for my kids and humanity💫

All this to say, nothing in your life has been a waste of time, everything happens for a reason & serves to bring you towards your life purpose. It may be hard to find but once you do, everything will just click together & it all makes perfect sense

You will know what you were born & built to do, that’s when you will understand that everything happens for a reason & that there is no coincidence🤷🏻‍♀️…& you will with no doubt know that you have found your life purpose🎉

All the pain, challenges & obstacles were to build me into who I am today. Not one single experience I have gone through was for nothing, everything had its purpose…all I had to do is step in my truth, stand in my power & take a leap of faith….I know I am absolutely aligned with God’s Plan for my life💫.

And the best part of it all is that because I have now done it myself, I know how to help & guide others to do the same👉👉👉  & live the life they were born to live.

Are you ready to step into your destiny? Ask me about my RISE program, it’s geared exactly to empower you to do just that🤗

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