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Parenting As I Heal

I’ve overcome so much as a parent in the last year…things didn’t look too good for my relationship with my eldest when she decided to make her own health choices as I fought with everything I had to educate people about the dangers of treatments that were being forced upon us😓

But…I am overcoming my darkness & bringing in the light💫

I’m so proud of Latoya & the strong independent woman she has become💪. I’m so happy that we can now have conversations that just a few years ago, we couldn’t have. My daughter can now come to me & tell me how things I’ve done as a parent make her feel & bother her, things that I would have never taught of🤔 or were not at all intended to make her feel that way🤷🏻‍♀️

It can sometimes be hard to hear😖 but through my own journey, I’ve learned how critical my reaction is to her wellbeing. Instead of getting defensive, I listen to her, hear what she is saying and change my behaviour accordingly even when it hurts my ego😫

Even though I may not always like her truth🤨, I’ve learnt to accept it & respect it so that I can be the mother she needs, be there for her, so that she can trust & know that she can always come to me when in search of wisdom & protection😀

I’ve done a lot of growing up, went from being enraged by her choices to loving the fact that she has the strength & is brave enough to stand up to me😮& she’s even put up boundaries😳 . I also feel as though she now knows that she can come to me with anything whether I agree or not. I’m still not perfect but the growth is, in my opinion, monumental🎉…& I’m super proud of it😏

It was either that or our relationship could have significantly deteriorated which is exactly the opposite of why I do all this work on myself. I want to continuously better myself & be, not the mother I want to be, but be the mother she needs for me to be as I love her unconditionally❤️

One of the biggest reasons why I embarked on this difficult journey is to ensure I break the cycle & shield my kids & upcoming generations from my & my ancestors wounds🙅🏻‍♀️

We need to be able to get uncomfortable to break the cycles of trauma so that we may have the peaceful🕊 loving world that we want to see. We need to empower our offspring to rise above our limited beliefs & wounded selves✊

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