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Permission To Feel: Book Review📚

We live in a society where it’s the norm to run away from our feelings🫣. Most of us have no idea how to regulate them therefore we find all sorts of ways to numb them🥴

It’s literally an epidemic!!!😢

Emotional intelligence is crucial to our well being; mentally, spiritually and physically. We now know about how detrimental it is to bottle up our emotions, it leads to mental health issues that can sometimes even end up being fatal and causes somatic illnesses like Fibromyalgia or even worse, cancers☠️

So why aren’t we thought how to deal with our emotions in school?🧐

This should be the first thing we learn, self-discovery and knowledge of who we are are critical to an overall wellbeing🧘🏻‍♀️

Can you imagine a society where everyone has the wisdom of self-regulating themselves and having the capacity to be vulnerable and opening up about how we truly feel?😍😍😍

We might actually have a shot at world peace🕊

Emotional regulation is a very important component of healing❤️🩹, many of us who struggle with trauma are even more disconnected from ourselves then the average person🤕. That’s why I have a whole week on “Anger & Emotional Regulation” in my 10 week support group program😊

I read this book because I wanted to learn more and ensure that I wasn’t missing anything, planning on including anything I had missed in that weeks material…I was delighted to see that I already had it all in there😏…but it was still a great read and I definitely recommend it to those who wish to become emotionally wiser👍👍👍

And now I’m a 100% positive that my next workshop will be aimed at kids and their parents so that we, as parents, can learn to become better at being aware of ourselves in order to help our kids deal with their emotions and move through them instead of being scared and running away from them🤗

This will ensure that kids experience less trauma by feeling safe enough to be themselves🥳

I love learning about this kind of stuff❤️

Wishing that more of us realize how important this topic is and that we all start giving ourselves the permission to feel💫

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