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Pro-Life or Pro-choice

Updated: May 27, 2022

I posted this post on my platforms a few days ago without realizing how much controversy it would bring. It got a lot of love but it also got a lot of hate to an extent that I didn't expect. I didn't realize that me saying that I am pro-life meant that I was telling others what to do with their own body, this was not what I meant to do at all. It was more about bringing awareness and educating people about the facts I wish I knew by sharing my story.

I realize now that the pro-life/pro-choice labels are just another way to divide us (like anti-vaxx vs. vaxxed), they want us to think that if we believe something for ourselves then that it must mean that we hate the other, this is not true, at least not for all of us. I was going to change the wording but I decided not to because I think that the part about us being divided again is important to be aware of.

My stance on medical freedom was also questioned as I am the co-founder of Canadian Frontline Nurses and we are proud advocate for medical freedom. Many thought that my stance made no sense and went against my beliefs but it doesn't because I now believe that the fetus is alive from the beginning and therefore a body of its own which means that it's no longer only the mother's body. That being said, I am not judging women who are having abortions, how can I? I've been there myself. This post comes from a place of growth and love and I hope that you can all see it for what it is.

I was also surprised to be called a religious extremist, know that I am not religious in no way, shape or form. That being said , I respect every individuals personal beliefs.

Here's the post, please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on it:

#tbt I use to be pro choice…

I’ve had 3 abortions between 2000 & 2004. Had no remorse, I did it like it was nothing, no feelings attached. I never connected with the beautiful fetus that was growing inside of me.

I was a lost soul…

I was married but my ex got deported, I followed him to Nigeria at first and then Paris but after a year he sent me to live here in TO with his brothers making sure I wasn’t near my family. I felt abandoned again so I rebelled & fell back into drinking & letting men take advantage of me hoping I would find the love outside of myself that I couldn’t find within

They told me the baby wasn’t really alive yet, that it wouldn’t feel anything, they didn’t inform me about the spark of life that enters the fetus as soon as the sperm enters the egg meaning that the spirit has entered the embryo, they didn’t tell me that they were literally dismembering the baby inside of me literally ripping off arms & legs. Because I didn’t know, it made getting rid of them easy. I wasn’t aware of the depopulation agenda neither & how it would affect me in the long run physically, emotionally and spirituality

They’ve turned sex, something so beautiful, intimate & precious, into something so cheap. We now disrespect ourselves by giving our essence away so easily because any consequences are not permanent

Back in the days, when abortions weren’t available & we didn’t have treatments for STD’s people were careful & knew that making love was sacred & would only be done with someone we loved…now they are passing bills that allow people to kill infants that are up to 28 days if parents change their minds & feel like they made a mistake…infanticide, how far will we let this go?

Today I know better & if I knew, I would have never done it. I’m no longer pro choice, I’m totally pro life & I know many will say “but what if she was raped or having the baby might kill her?” I’m well aware of all of that but then, what if God put that baby in her tummy because that life will be the one chosen to save us all or change the course of humanity for the better?

A lesson that I’ve learned in the last few years is that God doesn’t make mistakes & that everything happens for a reason. I now totally trust that & I think you should too

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