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The Blessing In The Burden

Im so grateful for having had the privilege to find my authentic self when I was so lost. I feel so blessed to have found myself & be living the life I was born to live…so many of us die without ever having had the chance to do so🙁

Fibromyalgia was truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me🤷🏻‍♀️. It crippled me to the point where I hit rock bottom🥴 & had nowhere else to go but upwards, it forced me to do the work that I didn’t want to do & never thought I would do😊

It forced me to embark on my healing journey & deal with all the trauma that had complete control over me. It forced me to look at all the things I refused to look at & reconnect with the real me, my authentic self🙏…it forced me to stand in my truth & open my eyes👀 to all the things I hated about this world & didn’t want to see😢

As I healed & sobered up, I started seeing through the matrix very clearly🤔. I started noticing how messed up the medical industry really was. How we were actually harming & how I was a tool in this big monster of a system that made profit off of people suffering😳.

It made me not want to be a nurse anymore therefore making it easier for me to speak up🗣& be the voice of the voiceless when the whole Covid scam started

The Fibro also showed me how corrupt the industry was when it came to mental health & how trauma was the cause of so many illnesses. And how they were disconnecting us even more by medicating us💊instead of showing us how & empowering us to go to the root cause of our problems😤

Fibromyalgia forced me to heal myself & in the process taught me  how to help others do the same🤲. It gave me the privilege to reconnect to my soul💫 & my truth which guided me to find my passion for healing from trauma😌 & to my purpose of empowering others to reconnect & find their own place & purpose in this world✊

I am so grateful for having had the wisdom to listen & learn from this somatic disorder. It forever changed my life & I am so thankful for it🙌🙌🙌

Illnesses usually show up in our lives because we are out of balance with or within ourselves😮. They show up because we have something to learn from them. We really need to change our perspective & start seeing diseases exactly for what they are, they are not something that happens to us but they are something that happens for us. If we listen to the message they are trying to convey, we open the door to transcendance at its best. With this mindset we can better heal ourselves, find our truth &  live the life we were put on this earth to live…a life of purpose🔥🔥🔥

Be brave, dare to go from a victim’s mindset🤕 to taking your power back💪 & knowing that you have everything in you needed to overcome all of your health challenges…& even use them to reconnect to your soul😌 & be the awesome outstanding individual that you were born to be✨

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