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The Lighthouse

Updated: Jan 3

There are many reasons why I bought this Lego lighthouse…and the price was definitely not one of them😅

👉first of all it got my inner child super excited, did you all see the picture of me when I first saw it?…literally little Sarah reincarnated😂

👉secondly, I love making puzzles 🧩 and building legos…anything that takes putting pieces together to complete something. As I am making it, I am also putting together pieces to the problems in my head and finding solutions to them too. It’s extremely effective🤷🏻‍♀️…does it do the same for you?

👉It builds confidence😏 and self-esteem when you follow through and complete something, it’s also super satisfying🤗

👉It gives me something to focus on and takes my head away from the everyday stresses👋it’s very therapeutic and calms me down😌 + once I’m calmer, that’s when the above solution forming begins in my head…it’s a perfect activity to not only soothe me but find ways to overcome my challenges😁

👉 And best of all, it’s a Lighthouse🌟do you all know about my vision to have “Lighthouses” all across the country where I will run my programs to empower people to HEAL and RISE?

I have put the Lego Lighthouse in my office so that I can be constantly reminded of my mission, especially when things get overwhelming and I feel as though things are hopeless😓. It will serve as a type of vision board similar to the ones I use to make every year to keep me on track but in 3D instead and sooooo much cooler😎

I’m so excited about the future when I think about all the plans and ideas I have to bring to life🎉…& last but not least…

👉The Lighthouse symbolizes & brings me hope🕊 in these dark times and reminds me that there will always be light💫 as long as I keep on Lighting Up Dark Corners🔥🔥🔥

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