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The Watcher

I’m on day 28 of my 100 days of meditation Gong🧘🏻‍♀️. I love how when I am meditating, I get to consciously be in a calm mode & let go of all the tension in all my different body parts. As I learn & practice staying in the present, I am noticing more accurately every little thing happening in my body👀

Being in this calm state made me notice how tiny disruptions, like my phone vibrating, completely change my body chemistry🥴. My body goes into full fight🥊 or flight✈️ mode, I can literally feel the tension instantly rise & cortisone flush through my veins.

Due to trauma, I was completely disconnected from myself. I had to learn to become a lot more conscious of my body when I was working on healing from fibromyalgia. I did this by practicing the PAUSE which is done by checking in, breathing & releasing tension several times during the day

That improved my stress level tremendously but it was nothing compared to what I am learning through meditation…this is completely on another level, I am loving it❤️.

I can see that this practice is giving me the ability to stay in my body almost continuously instead of having the habit of checking in when I become aware. Don’t get me wrong, the PAUSE is an absolutely critical tool in the healing journey but I now understand the potential of meditating & building the skill of being able to just stay in the moment😌

The Watcher meditation has brought a deeper awareness to the stress happening in my body & is helping me stabilize faster than ever. It’s crazy when I think about it how much negative tension I have been holding in this body of mine🤯.

Childhood trauma really does do ravages on our health😖, no wonder I had Fibromyalgia🤷🏻‍♀️. So much stress had to be released. I had to learn to control it & 5 years later, I am still learning new ways of stabilizing my nervous system🧠

I am so happy that I have come to a place in my healing where I am able to practice meditation🤗. If you are like I was & can’t meditate, whether because it’s too triggering or puts you in a dissociated state😵💫, don’t give up and keep trying. It may actually become one of the best tools in your journey💫

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