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Truth Seeker

Sharing my healing story & how I’ve turned my pains into gains obviously helps me & is very therapeutic. It gives all my shame a voice🗣, helps me release my negative emotions, but  it’s definitely not the only reason why I share.

I’ve come to learn that my truth & vulnerability let’s so many others who are going through the same release their trauma too😀. It lifts the veil of shame & secrecy in the world & gives us all the space to heal as a collective👊

I acknowledge that the sharing of my truth may be extremely difficult for my parents. I want to make it very clear that me being open about our “dirty laundry”  doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t love my parents, I really do love them❤️

I know & understand very well that they did the best they could & I’m so grateful for that🙏. They have many qualities that I love & there were many great times which I emphasized on all of my life, even going to the extent of lying to myself about the actual truth to cover up the pain…I was living a lie.  I healed because I no longer fear the truth & now I empower others to do the same through Lighting Up Corners

It’s not about blaming nor to say that they were worse then other parents. I think that the things I share are very common amongst so many…actually, it’s all rampant in our society😫.

I share  to show others that they are not alone😉, & to give everyone the permission to feel the same & talk about it too…how else are we going to heal humanity?🤔

Our parents are just a product of their environment like we are…talking about difficult things is how we shed light on the Dark Corners of our systems programming & where it has brought us so that we can break it down & become better as a collective🤝.  We need to talk about these things, stop being ashamed of them & find solutions💫

Also, even though it may be super uncomfortable🫣, it holds us each accountable for our mistakes & wrongdoings instead of enabling us to keep bleeding onto others🩸, giving us the opportunity to work on our wounds🤕 & break our negative patterns😀

We need to stop being scared of our shadow & be willing to listen to our children’s pain in order to heal them & , most importantly, ourselves so we can transcend our trauma into wisdom & heal the whole of humanity🕊. We need to stop letting our egos run the show & reconnect to our souls🙏

I love this quote and I aim at living by it… “vulnerability is what love looks like in public”❤️❤️❤️…we need so much more of that, we need to light up all of our dark corners in order to be the light our kids &  next generations need🌟🌟🌟

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