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Want to know how I went from being a survivor to a thriver?

A lot of people are in awe when I share my story & how far I’ve come. Many wish they were more like me, my response to that is that every single one of you could be

Join me for this 10 week in person support group where you will find out that you are not alone & where I will be given you all the right tools and knowledge you need to be well onto your healing journey.

Each week will include 2 hours of group therapy followed by a well needed hour of boxing, with the brave Teresa Heron, to release some tension.

If you have had enough of suffering & struggling through life and are ready to rise above your trauma, this program is for you!!!

I’m so excited about this & am genuinely looking forward to healing with you.

For more information, please email me at or contact HUF GYM at (905)274-4483

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