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We Are Being Lied To About Cancer

I’m so proud of my mom!

She was diagnosed with a stage 4 aggressive cancer around this time last year. She was told that she would need surgery ASAP and would need chemo and radiation or she wouldn’t make it through.

Luckily, I had already spoken out & met so many real health experts so I had heard of the Gerson diet which I told her about. She decided to go against the doctors advice, taking her health in her own hands & started healing the natural way. She started juicing, taking specific supplements & doing coffee enemas.

After 6 months, she wanted to see how she was doing so she booked an ultrasound. They were surprised to see it had shrunk by a quarter. They immediately started saying that there must be a mistake, they asked her what she had done & knew nothing about the Gerson diet. They told her that it was impossible therefore probably meant that it was never a cancer in the 1st place.

She had done a biopsy when they had diagnosed her, now they were telling her it wasn’t a cancer and she believed them until I reminded her that they hadn’t done a biopsy this time and had no way of knowing that it wasn’t.

Can you imagine? At first the doctor was mad at her & told her he would no longer be her physician if she didn’t go through with the surgery & now they were telling her that she didn’t have cancer because she had found a cure to an illness they thought had no other remedy then their chop, poison and burn therapy.

How many have been misdiagnosed and have gone through an unnecessary surgery? and died poisoned by their remedies?

How many were told they didn’t have cancer once they took their health in their own hands making them stop their natural treatments as they thought they weren’t sick leading them to die?

We are being lied to!!! There are cures for EVERYTHING!!!

Can you imagine if I hadn’t spoke out, I wouldn’t have found out about the diet & my mom would have probably not made it. I thank God everyday that my mom believed in me enough to choose faith over fear and chose the Gerson way

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