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Why Staying Sober is So Important

Updated: Apr 12

The most obvious reasons why it’s so important for me to stay sober are my health & my kids….but it’s definitely not just for that

They, the elite, want us disconnected & numb😵‍💫,that’s exactly where they want us. You can’t stand in truth while on drugs & alcohol, it’s just not possible🤷🏻‍♀️

Staying sober in order to feel the discomfort of what is happening to our world is a crucial ingredient to having the anger, capacity & courage necessary to create the new world🌎 that we want to see. They win when we give into drugs, because we lose control & they gain it🥴

It makes us lazy & it’s low vibrational😮‍💨, you can’t do the work of walking a new path & living a life of purpose💫. That’s why the government & the medical industry now promote drugs as a way to heal💊. They even have our elementary kids on the equivalent of cocaine in pill form🤯.

In order to create a better world we need to ensure that we are the best role model possible to our children😀. We need to show them the way by staying connected & giving them a healthy example of how to regulate all of our emotions🧘🏻‍♀️

Governments don’t want us awake☀️, they want us sleeping😴 as they slowly but surely take away every bit of freedom🕊 & connection we have left with our souls. They represent the devil👺 & are stripping us of all our godly gifts😱

Will I let them turn me off & take away the plan God has for me?🫠…


That’s why I fought & still fight so hard to stay 100% sober, it’s extremely hard sometimes but I know I need to stay strong for my kids, grandkids & great grandkids💪.

Reminding myself of why I stay connected & no longer numb myself really helps me stay on track😄

along with all the great tools & knowledge I’ve collected along my healing journey🙏

Grateful for my ability to remain in the moment🙌🙌🙌

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