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After having been in therapy for many years and also having read countless books on self-healing, I wasn't too sure how much more I would learn from Sarah's workshop on Healing from Childhood Trauma. But I have to say that I was totally blown away by it and that it totally exceeded my expectations. How she was able to condense so much of what I have learned over the years in just 3 hours is beyond me.
Sarah walks her talk, if anyone can really understand the meaning of trauma it has to be her. She is completely open about her own personal traumatic childhood experiences and the self destructive behaviours that she has had to overcome. I have so much respect for what she has been able to accomplish and I have no doubt that she has what it takes to  guide people out of their darkness.
I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing and ready to do this very important and valuable work on themselves.


The best thing I ever did was join some amazing ladies and take the 10week course called HEAL,healing childhood trauma, and now I’m on the next 10 week course called RISE, finding your passion and purpose …which I have just started 2 weeks ago and loving it!
Reminded to remember my breathing exercises, meditation, prayers, journaling, and so much more modalities that have helped me feel amazing. 
Big steps in my healing journey!!
Shout out and thanks 🙏 going to founder and facilitator Sarah Choujounian for creating these programs!!
I’m going alllllllll the way!!!

-Viola Love

"I am happy to have taken this workshop. Sarah provided a loving, humble and nonjudgmental environment where I immediately felt like I knew her and that I was safe. In one workshop she was able to communicate a few aspects of myself that never came to my awareness even after 2 years of therapy. It is evident to me that because she has done the hard work of healing herself she now has the intuitive ability to help others heal themselves. I am going to take the follow up 10 week program and looking forward to go deeper."


 I highly recommend joining the ten week HEAL Program. It was a life changing experience for me. Sarah is extremely wise and knowledgeable. She is a great active listener and makes you feel heard and understood. The journey into healing our childhood trauma is not an easy one, but I always felt safe and supported to share my experiences and be vulnerable within the group. I made authentic connections with people who just got it. It was refreshing to say the least. I still miss our weekly meet ups.

The handouts each week are informative and insightful. They assist with understanding our behaviours and responses stemming from childhood trauma and are full of useful tools that will empower you to change unwanted behaviours and thought patterns. Most importantly, you will understand that you are not alone and that the behaviours and emotions that you are experiencing are actually normal responses given the trauma that you have been through. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest benefits to doing this work in a group setting.

If you take the in person sessions, you will enjoy the boxing classes at Huff gym. Theresa and all the staff at Huff gym are friendly and welcoming. They will make you feel like you are apart of the family and meet you wherever you are at regardless of your boxing skill level. There is something about punching a bag after therapy that feels amazing. Being able to release all the pent up emotion connected to our trauma feels extremely liberating.

It is a unique group therapy program that I would recommend to anyone who is ready to dive deep. If you are considering this program and ready to start the journey into healing your childhood trauma, this is a great place to start.

- Jenna

"HEAL with Sarah was a very intense 10 week support group program that looked into teaching us how to empower ourselves to heal above childhood trauma. It was the very first time that I had to sit down and seriously go through the childhood trauma that has been plaguing my life for quite some time. Sarah provided my group and I the necessary tools to help us reconnect with our lost inner child and why we must revisit our young self. She expressed the importance of looking into the wounds of our inner child, the four stages and the purpose of healing. My favorite part about exploring my inner child was learning how to reparent, and making sure I would nurture and love my younger self. Writing a letter, journaling, and taking care of myself helped foster a connection to my inner child that I had neglected for so long. I found that doing this support group with others helped me know that I was truly not alone. I have found people that I can truly call friends. Everyone should give HEAL a try, you will not only learn about your inner child but you will learn how to better set boundaries, self-care tips and create a new path to discovering your authentic self."

-Maame-Afrah Wiafe

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