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Hi, I'm Sarah

I am based in Toronto, Canada, and I offer online coaching and support groups for holistic trauma healing and personal transformation worldwide.

So far I've supported over 500 people to heal themselves, and realize, embrace and express their whole self.

Read my full story below!
My Story
My Healing Journey: Hi! My name is Sarah Choujounian, I've been a nurse since 2004 and worked in a nursing home for the greater part of my career, I also worked with kids in the community. 
In 2017, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was the catalyst for my life changing actions. I started group therapy and was able to work through my childhood trauma. There, I learned about Complex PTSD and how it was affecting everything in my life from relationships to addictions. In group therapy I found that I wasn't alone and was in fact acting very normally for what I had been through.

Speaking out loud about my truth with people who have gone through similar experiences was one of the most empowering and important aspects of my ability to heal.
By getting support and through doing my own research on natural healing and implementing what was most effective, I was able to get completely clean, lost 60lbs and recovered from fibromyalgia. I found so much value in group therapy that I became a facilitator myself.

I also did extensive research on psychology, trauma and healing to further expand the programs I was teaching. I've always been known to be the voice of the voiceless and I intend to keep it that way. 

Standing up for what's right: In 2020 I was fired from both my nursing jobs, my license was put under investigations by the College Of Nurses and I was defamed internationally by the media for speaking out against the lockdowns.

After I had been fired I co-founded Canadian Frontline Nurses, an organization of advocates for medical freedom which aimed at empowering nurses to come out the system and bring real care back to our communities, educating the public, and bringing the ethics back into healthcare. I envisions a future where healthcare is based mainly on preventative care, natural treatments, and treating the person as a whole meaning caring for mind, body and spirit as one.

Following my passions, purpose and gifts:
 I realized I wanted to no longer focus on nursing and instead fully dive into the work which I have repeatedly seen to make the greatest impact in peoples lives: Healing childhood trauma and emotional distress. That's why I founded "Lighting Up Dark Corners", an initiative to show people how to go to the root cause of their problems instead of numbing with prescription drugs with long lists of side-effects and which add toxic stress to the body.

Helping you heal: I've been through a lot in my life from coming from a dysfunctional family, being a survivor of sexual abuse and a domestic violence victim, to raising 3 beautiful girls on my own, fighting addictions, to become the light in the darkness in this plandemic. I believe that I was born and built for this.

My purpose is to share my story and teach knowlege and tools to empower you to HEAL & RISE. Let me show you that you are not alone and uncover your inherit potential to overcome obstacles and heal from the inside out!

Welcome to the healing journey!
Let's bring light into darkness.
I believe in you!

What my clients have to say

I have spent years and thousands of dollars on talk therapy, self-help books, coaching, etc., but was never able to find such comprehensive and affordable help until now. Sarah brings both personal experience and knowledge into her work
The HEAL program saved me from decades of torment. I now have the tools and resources to conquer that which was UNKNOWN to me.

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