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Lighting Up Dark Corners

Empowering You To HEAL & RISE

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To empower people to explore the root cause of their mental health challenges & discover natural ways to heal & rise


I envision a future with the ultimate aim on preventative care, natural remedies & treating the person holistically.



Hi friends!

My name is Sarah Choujounian, I've been a nurse since 2004 and worked in a nursing home for the greater part of my career, I also worked with kids in the community. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was the catalyst for my life changing actions. I started group therapy and was able to work through my childhood trauma. There, I learned about CPTSD and how it was affecting everything in my life from relationships to addictions. In group therapy I found that I wasn't alone and was in fact acting very normally for what I had been through. Speaking out loud about my truth with people who have gone through similar experiences was one of the most empowering and important aspects of my ability to heal.


By getting help and through natural healing, I was able to get completely clean, lost 60lbs and recovered from fibromyalgia. I was so empowered by group therapy that I became a facilitator and did extensive research on psychology and trauma. I've always been known to be the voice of the voiceless and I intend to keep it that way. 


I was fired from both my nursing jobs, my license is under investigations by the College Of Nurses, I've been defamed by the media for speaking out against the lockdowns. I am the co-founder of Canadian Frontline Nurses, an organization aimed at empowering nurses to come out the system and bring real care back to our communities, educating the public, and bringing the ethics back into healthcare. I envisions a future where healthcare is based mainly on preventative care, natural treatments, and treating the person as a whole meaning caring for mind, body and spirit as one.

That's why I founded "Lighting Up Dark Corners", an initiative to show people how to go to the root cause of their problems instead of numbing with toxic, and too often lethal, prescription drugs. I've been through a lot in my life from coming from a dysfunctional family, being a survivor of sexual abuse and a domestic violence victim to raising 3 beautiful girls on my own, fighting addictions to become the light in the darkness in this plandemic. I believe that I was born and built for this, my purpose is to share my story and empower you to HEAL & RISE. Follow me on my journey, as I bring light to darkness by showing you that you are not alone and that we can overcome every obstacle put in our way no matter how big"

Welcome to the healing journey!!! I've been waiting for you :)



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You can rest assure that your donations will be used towards helping empower individuals who would otherwise not have access to our services.

Thank you so much in advance, I truly appreciate your support
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