Finding your Passion & Purpose

The 10 week group empowerment program is the follow up to the HEAL program.

As the healing journey can get messy and difficult, it's important to have something that inspires and motivates you while on the journey. RISE will help you do just that by following your true purpose and helping you build your dreams

Prerequisite: HEAL program
Starts on June 12th, 2024
Time: 8-10pm EST
  • 10 Modules

    Over 10 Weeks
  • 20 hours

    Live Zoom Calls
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    What RISE participants say:

    The Heal & Rise program have helped me so much. My husband has seen such a positive transformation in me that it has inspired him to also want to benefit from Sarah's courses. 
    -Susan Pearce
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    I’m on the next 10 week course called RISE - finding your passion and purpose. I have just started 2 weeks ago and loving it! So many modalities that have helped me feel amazing. 
    -Viola Love


    After having lead GroupTherapy Programs for over 5 years, and helping many people around the world recover from trauma and psychosomatic disease, I wanted to go further.

    I created RISE to offer a loving space for you to connect to your true purpose and rise into your full power.

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    Sarah Chochounian
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