By Sarah Choujounian

I empower survivors of childhood trauma and people who suffer from somatic disease to HEAL and RISE by giving them the tools and knowledge to start and maintain their healing journey.

Addressing root cause of problems and finding natural ways to heal are foundations of my work. 


To empower survivors of childhood trauma to HEAL and RISE by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to start and maintain their healing journey. Always making sure they go to the root cause of their problems and discover natural ways to heal.


A trauma-informed world where we elevate and support people struggling with mental health instead of shaming them into further darkness. In this lit up world, every city has a "lighthouse" as a safe haven for survivors to find refuge, be accepted and uplifted in order to heal from their childhood trauma.

Hi, I'm Sarah!

am passionate about helping people heal from trauma and psychosomatic disease.

Most of my life I suffered from addictions and chronic symptoms  which came to a peak in 2017 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

After being a nurse for almost 20 years, my diagnosis became a turning point in my life and the beginning of my healing journey.
Instead of using medication I decided to focus on natural ways to heal and began group therapy. I realized that my complex PTSD which stemmed from sexual, physical and emotional abuse in my childhood was ruining my life and leading to my addictions and relationship challenges.

When I addressed my unhealed trauma not only did I heal psychologically - my physical symptoms disappeared too. I lost 60lbs, got completely clean and recovered from fibromyalgia. 

My healing journey revealed to me that healing naturally is not only possible, but there are practical steps we can take.
After healing myself, I became a facilitator of group therapy programs and did extensive reseach into psychology and healing trauma. Now I lead my own programs online which are focused on natural healing - getting to the root cause of physiological and psychological symptoms. 

Join me in my next HEAL Program, or work with me 1on1, and discover YOUR power to heal.

Sarah Choujounian

The Heal and Rise program have helped me so much that I took a training course also offered by Sarah to become a certified facilitator myself.

My husband has seen such a positive transformation in me that it has inspired him to also want to benefit from Sarah's courses. We plan to facilitate together so we can help heal and liberate others.

-Susan Pearce

Trauma Healing 1o1

This workshop covers the basics of how to begin healing from childhood trauma. It is highly recommended for survivors of childhood trauma who are ready to start their healing journey.

You will learn an
 overview on how to manage triggers, reconnect with the inner child and establish healthy boundaries. 
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Workshop Testimonial

"After having been in therapy for many years and also having read countless books on self-healing, I wasn't too sure how much more I would learn from Sarah's workshop on Healing from Childhood Trauma. But I have to say that I was totally blown away by it and that it totally exceeded my expectations.

How she was able to condense so much of what I have learned over the years in under 3 hours is beyond me. Sarah walks her talk, if anyone can really understand the meaning of trauma it has to be her. She is completely open about her own personal traumatic childhood experiences and the self destructive behaviours that she has had to overcome.

I have so much respect for what she has been able to accomplish and I have no doubt that she has what it takes to  guide people out of their darkness.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing and ready to do this very important and valuable work on themselves


Start Your Healing 

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