Healing from Childhood Trauma 101

Absolutely everyone needs this workshop!
It's been life changing to many, myself included.

You will learn about:
  • What trauma really is, how we all experience some level of it and how it affects our brains
  • How to manage your. triggers
  • How to reconnect with your authentic self/inner child
  • Healthy boundaries
If you are ready to go from merely surviving to thriving, this workshop is for you
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  • 2+ hours

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    Hi, I'm Sarah! After having led Group Therapy Programs for over 5 years, I developed my 10 week online program - HEAL, which offers a save and supportive emvironmet for healing and reconnecting with your true self.

    As an experienced group facilitator I create a safe space for everyone, and most importantly I know the weight of trauma and how to heal because I have been there myself.

    In HEAL you will gain the tools and knowledge needed to to start and maintain your healing journey 

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